Best Product Placement Ever! Betty White Pushes Skype for the iPad

It was only earlier this week that Skype for iPad was finally released. It seems like a no-brainer to bring Skype to the iPad since Skype users have been impatiently waiting for an iPad app to land since the first gen iPad was released. Finally folks can video chat, call landlines, or instant message others who are on Skype via their iPad.

However, us ordinary folks aren’t the only ones trying out the new Skype iPad app this week. Betty White (god bless her), who stars in TV Land’s Hot in Cleveland sitcom, made an appearance in this week’s episode by way of Skype on the iPad. Her character, Elka Ostrovsky was traveling abroad in Paris and Skype’d in to check on her friends, all via the iPad.

Nothing can beat Betty White, and when you throw Skype into the mix – you practically have a golden product placement. Check out the video to see a Hollywood version of Skype on the iPad in action.