Sony DSX-S310BTX Car Stereo Offers Pandora with Android Support

Sony announced a whole new Car Stereo line-up today, including a whole bunch of in-car stereos that sport iPhone and Pandora support. But in particular, we’re most excited about the DSX-S310BTX with built-in bluetooth. This in-car stereo is extra special because it is able to wirelessly stream Pandora radio from an Android or BlackBerry device, on-to your car stereo. It’s actually the first of its kind to offer Pandora integration with Android and BlackBerry in such a manner. Using its 4-line OEL display, users can access their personalized Pandora stations and even leaving ratings directly on the player.

On top of that, the DSX-S310BTX is also iPhone compatible via USB. It also features dual USB 1-wire inputs, and the SensMe application for help organizing better playlists.

Finally, Sony has also introduced several other new car stereos with support for SiriusXM which cost as little as $90. Meanwhile their new car stereo line-up with Pandora support starts at $130.

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