New Angry Birds On Thin Ice Board Game Includes Ice Blocks and TNT

The 1st installment of the Mattel Angry Birds board game must have been such a hit that come February, the next episode arrives just in time for winter – Angry Birds On Thin Ice Board Game. The concept of the game is still the same as before. Use the deck of cards to build structures and then knock then down to collect points.

So what has changed? Well like any good Angry Birds episode there is different scenery to chew on or new things to break. Angry Birds on Thin Ice features both wooden girders and breakable ice blocks. There is also a TNT box that will add extra oomph to the game if your Angry Bird lands on it. It probably won’t give entirely the same effect as the app version of the game but I like that it was included. The slingshot is still included but this time the cast of birds and pigs have been switched up.

In the prior version three Angry Birds were included, this time there are only 2 Angry Birds ( the big red bird and yellow bird), 3 green pigs, 2 of which can wear the included construction hats.

It’s fun to see that the board game is getting a new episode much like the app does and for Angry Birds fans, this is just another avenue to exhibit your obsession. Angry Birds on Thin Ice Board Game is available for pre-order at Toy Wiz for $19.99.

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