Apple Celebrates Steve Jobs’ Life With Al Gore and Coldplay

Last week, Apple held a private memorial for Steve Jobs following his death earlier this month of pancreatic cancer. It was exclusively for Apple employees, but was very inclusive in that sense – all Apple Stores were closed to allow employees to watch via web stream.

Many upper management figures who knew Jobs well spoke about Jobs’ life, including now-CEO Tim Cook, who expressed his grief but stressed the importance of moving on without worrying about what Jobs would have wanted – something Jobs himself apparently warned others about many times before his death.

The private affair is now available to the public at large. Apple has posted an 81-minute video of the memorial service, which included speeches by Cook and Al Gore about what Jobs’ unique genius brought to the world of technology. Norah Jones and Coldplay performed during the service, as Apple employees crowded around the outer part of Apple’s Cupertino campus.

The video is now available to watch online – as long as you are using Safari, as of now. You have to figure that’s how Steve Jobs would have wanted it.






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