Codigo Cube is the QR Trivia Game For Your Smartphone

If you have stores of random knowledge laying around in that brain of yours, put it to use! Trivia games have been around for ages, but Codigo is bringing the quiz game into the smartphone era with a die we’ve never before seen the likes of. This six-sided die has a different QR code on each face, each of which corresponding to a different category. The trivia questions are constantly updated according to current events, so in theory you shouldn’t have to worry too much about repeat questions.

You play by rolling the die and scanning whatever comes face up (you’ll need your own QR code reader). A correct answer nets you ten points and another roll of the die. You keep going until you get one wrong – first person or team to get one question right from all six categories is the winner. You can play with as many as 100 people or teams, though 100 people doesn’t exactly seem feasible for a dice rolling game.

You can roll the dice on Codigo for about $10 off their website, and start showing off all that useless knowledge you’ve been filing away.

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