iCharger Makes Sure No One Steals Your iPhone 4S

So you just bought yourself a shiny new iPhone 4S, but maybe you’re worried that someone will take off with it when you’re not looking? Then check out the, iCharge iPad / iPhone Docking Station. This accessory is not your ordinary iPhone charger, because inside of it lies a hidden camera. You could leave this dock inconspicuously out on your desk and no one would be the wiser. The iCharge packs in a 450 TVL Color CCD Camera and features motion activated recording and records MP4 video files with time and date stamps, it’s able to charge the iPad too, it comes with a 4GB SD card but it is expandable to 32GB, and it can also connect to a TV for viewing.

You can pick up the iCharge iPad / iPhone Docking Station Covert Hidden Camera for $395 at Gadgets and Gear. That is certainly a lot more expensive than the usual iPhone docking station / charger, but it’s also a whole lots more devious.