iPhone 4S Gets Covered in Diamonds and Platinum – Siri Approves

I don’t know what Siri’s response would be if you asked if she likes diamonds. I’m going to guess she’d approve of being adorned by them, though. A lot of them. A lot of them.

The entire frame of this iPhone 4S is encrusted with 7.8 ct VVS1 diamonds. The back is solid platinum, with a solid platinum Apple logo that is also fully encrusted with diamonds – these being 0.53 ct diamonds. Your Siri will be looking more fabulous than all of the other Siris, and at the end of the day, what’s more important than that?

Don’t want to spring for the diamonds? You can go with crystal, instead – the bargain alternative, at a mere £2,495.00, or about $4,000. The diamond version is going to cut a little deeper. You can snatch one for the low, low price of £20,995, or about $33,000 – also known as more than a lot of people make in a single year. But, if you’ve got it, flaunt it. Just know that Stuart Hughes, the company behind these dazzling products, sometimes fails to actually make the products. But, assuming they are produced, there won’t be many. The diamond version of the iPhone 4S is slated to be a limited edition, with only 25 available for purchase.

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