New Research Indicates That Phones Don’t Cause Cancer

The ongoing brain cancer-cell phone saga took another turn today, with news from BBC out of the Institute of Cancer Epidemiology in Denmark that there is no statistically significant evidence to suggest that cell phone use correlates with brain cancer.

The study, which is backed up by many other studies coming to similar conclusions, evaluated 350,000 people over 18 years, and found that the incidence of brain cancer was no greater among cell phone users than that of the population at large. This proved to be true even among those with the heaviest cell phone use, as well as those who have owned cell phones for the longest amount of time.

There are some caveats. The study looks mainly at adult populations who adopted the technology while already mature – a correlation, if there is one, cannot be determined for developing children and adolescents who grew up using cell phones. Corporate subscriptions were also off-limits to the researchers, excluding many from the business world who use mobile phones more frequently than most others.

The World Health Organization’s official stance is that a link between cell phones and brain cancer, at this juncture, cannot be proved or disproved – putting them in the same boat as coffee. It’s a lot like saying that either cell phones don’t contribute to cancer, or they do, but it doesn’t matter since everything else we’re surrounded with does just as good of a job or mutating our cells. Either way, looks like we’re good to go!

If you were worried before about brain cancer, you can most likely put your fears aside – with multiple studies coming to the same conclusion over a long term, it’s probably safe to say that the link between brain cancer and cell phone use is non-existent. So, go nuts. Researchers will now begin search for a cure for the definitely cell phone related is-obnoxious-on-the-subway-itis.


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