Scosche HRDTX Works Like a Smoke Alarm But Detects Radiation Instead

A couple months ago, we mentioned that Scosche was releasing a radiation detector accessory for the iPhone, called the RDTX-PRO. Scosche is now releasing a similar device, the HRDTX, for home use. The HRDTX plugs into any standard electrical outlet, and works similar to a smoke alarm, except there are three levels of alert. Green means safe, yellow means elevated level, and red will trigger a loud alarm that signals unsafe or hazardous levels of radiation. If you have a home Wi-Fi network, you can connect your HRDTX to receive email updates about radiation levels in your home if you’re away.

The RDTX-PRO will be available in Japan in November, while the HRDTX will be available next January. $10 of every unit purchased will go to support charities dedicated to relief of the Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami. Those charities include Bikki Children’s Fund, Samaritan’s Purse, and All Hands Volunteers. For those living in areas affected by the tragedy earlier this year, this tool really could be a life saver.

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