Can’t Figure Out What to Tweet? There is a Book for That

Social networking – a way for you to have your unique voice heard among your friends and the world at large. It is possibly the most important development  in self-expression on a mass scale ever. We’ve never been able to show off our individuality and ideas quite like this – it’s amazing.

What’s that? There’s a book with ready-made tweets that I can plug in whenever appropriate? Oh. I guess forget that first part, then.

Tweets & Status Updates for All Occasions packs in hundreds of wry one-liners on topics ranging from romance to the working world to pop culture. If you’re suffering from tweet burnout, but still feel the need to make your presence felt on a daily basis, your savior is at hand. You can pick up Tweets & Status Updates for All Occasions for $8.95 off Knock Knock.

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