Craig & Karl Profile Mark Zuckerberg on Wearable T-Shirt Magazine

Innovation comes in unlikely packages – that’s almost a requisite for innovation itself. So, T-Post set out to innovate in the magazine world, not by going online or sticking with print, but with giving people t-shirts. Every month, subscribers receive a t-shirt with an article on the inside, and a graphic image on the front representing the theme of the story.

This month’s article shines the spotlight on Google and Facebook, likening their dominance of the Internet to the Prohibition Era gangs of Chicago, with their unflinching resolve to crush competition. Maybe a little extreme, but it gets the point across, given how much the Internet community as a whole is almost forced, or at least strongly persuaded, to rely on both companies.

The accompanying graphic image comes courtesy of designers Craig & Karl, and features a stylized portrait of Mark Zuckerberg, who clearly has Facebook on the brain. No love for Larry Page or Sergey Brin, though. Guess the guys just aren’t recognizable enough.

T-Post is currently sending their unique brand of T-shirts to 50 countries around the world. Each T-shirt costs €27, or about $37, which includes shipping. You can subscribe and get a surprise T-shirt every month in the mail, or shop around on the website and order back issues. So, if you’re looking to rock Zuckerberg’s Facebooked out mug, order away. Now, it’s only a matter of time before some people start ironically wearing the shirts article-side out. That’ll make for some interesting subway rides.

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