Audio-Technica Celebrates 50th Anniversary With $1400 Headphones

No, there isn’t an extra zero accidentally thrown in. These headphones from Audio-Technica are actually selling for $1,400. What could possibly make a pair of headphones worth that much money? For starters, only 2,000 units will be produced worldwide. The ATH-W3000ANV headphones are actually made of wood – Asada Hokkaido Cherry wood with an Echizen traditional Japanese lacquer finish. The wood, besides looking incredibly beautiful, also serves to cut down on the vibration inside the headphones, for a more comfortable listening experience. Even the ear pads are of ridiculously high-quality, made from lambskin and hand-crafted in Spain. The wiring is done separately for left and right.

These high-class, limited edition headphones are coming out in celebration of Audio-Technica’s 50th anniversary, which will take place on April 17th, 2012. If you want a pair for yourself, get over to the AudioCubes website and buy a pair now, while you can. Once those 2,000 units are gone, no more will be produced. Here’s hoping you have lots of cash to burn.


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