Missed Black Friday? Cyber Monday 2011 Deals Aim to Set Records

Early numbers are in, and they say one thing loud and clear – Black Friday was a massive hit this year. Granted, with gunfire and pepper spray ringing in the start of the holiday season, we probably didn’t need numbers to figure that out. It’s estimated that an inconceivable record $52 billion dollars were spent by shoppers on Black Friday this year, with about 226 million bargain warriors spending an average of about $400. What does that mean? Lots of things, including a good outlook for the new Black Friday follow-up – Cyber Monday.

That would be today, when online retailers roll out their discounts en masse in the hopes of driving up sales. Cyber Monday has been growing as a tradition in its own right, finally becoming the biggest online shopping day of the year last year, with $1 billion in sales. Projections for Cyber Monday this year are at about $1.2 billion, as the day is expected to grow in popularity thanks to more aggressive advertising of the day itself, and the huge success of Black Friday.

Cyber Monday began with retailers largely targeting people shopping from work, using high speed connections that were not yet available in homes. We might have those high speed connections now, but the workplace still figures to be a major site of crazed e-shopping. This year, half of Cyber Monday’s sales are projected to come from people getting their holiday shopping done on the clock.

Should the projections of $1.2 billion in sales bear out, it would be a record-breaking day for online sales, as this year’s Black Friday was for retail store sales.

Looking to get in on this year’s Cyber Monday action? Check out the list of below of major retailers who are offering special Cyber Monday deals today:

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