Mophie iPhone 4S Outdoor Edition Might Be The Indiana Jones of Cases

It’s being marketed as the ultimate outdoors companion for your iPhone 4 or 4S, but given the battery complaints popping up frequently about the iPhone 4S, it might be a nice addition for anyone. The Mophie iPhone 4S Outdoor Edition is a combination of a case and an app that will make seasoned adventurers and greenhorns alike ready to hit the trails. The case itself is an external battery that promises to double the life of the iPhone 4S. The app includes over 650,000 maps, and functions as a GPS device. Buying the case and app set will also net you a one-year subscription to the maps and GPS services. The maps are of a high enough quality to allow hikers to plan their own trails – it’s a good thing that double battery pack is there, because if you use these maps frequently, the drain is going to be pretty significant.

Hikers and adventurers can get a lot more mileage and enjoyment out of their treks with the Mophie iPhone 4S Outdoor Edition, which sells for about $120. Those maps will have you ready for anything. Except snakes. Why did it have to be snakes?


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