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Ford Celebrates 100th UK Anniversary with Haute Couture Fashions

It looks like more and more fashion designers are taking to auto parts instead of traditional fabrics for inspiration when it comes to haute couture. Only a few weeks ago we reported on the collaboration between Lexus and Vogue. The concept of that collaboration was for select designers to use parts of the Lexus CT hybrid and create high fashion pieces. Well it looks like Ford has traveled down the same road.

In honor of Ford’s 100th anniversary in the U.K., a Scottish designer named Judy Clark (who used to work under Alexander McQueen) has designed an Edwardian-style gown made from tweed, leather, lace, spray paint and silk chiffon – along with assorted components from a 2012 Ford Focus.

Then there is jewelry designer Katherine Hawkins who crafted special pieces for the occasion as well. Her Ford collection includes an ornate necklace made from dials, buttons, springs and instrument panel switches. All of the parts are also derived from a 2012 Ford Focus.

Interestingly enough, both participating designers had no idea what the other was creating, yet in the end both pieces ended up complimenting each other perfectly.  Ironically though, designer Katherine Hawkins has no idea what the names are of the parts she used, since she doesn’t drive. Meanwhile, Judy Clark details her work on her blog and it is definitely worth checking out.

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