Swingholder For the iPad Because an Average Stand Just Won’t Do

If you’re thinking of putting down cash for an iPad stand, this one looks to be one of the more versatile units out there. The Swingholder can stand up to just shy of 6 feet tall, and rotate 360 degrees to provide hands-free tablet use. A counterweight on the non-iPad side of the crane-like arm makes sure that the tablet doesn’t start to weigh down the arm and float out of position.

The Swingholder is being touted as an ideal aid for the disabled, or for easy viewing of instructions or recipes without needing to hold the tablet up. Of course, you could always use it as pictured above, too. It is a little pricey, coming in at $239. The unit is made from steel tubing, 50% recycled ABS plastic, and rubber for the tablet grips. You can order one from Stand for Stuff’s website.

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