New Intel Classmate PCs are more Durable and Made for Students

One may notice at CES 2012 that these days, laptops or tablets of some kind are becoming standard required gear in many schools around the world. Intel has entered the educational arena with their new Intel Classmate PC which is a rugged and affordable PC with an extended battery life.

The battery lasts up to 10 hours on a single charge and the case has been reinforced for shock and vibration absorption. Even the keyboard is water resistant and can’t be pried up by inquisitive fingers. Plus the new Atom powered PC features a host of other cool features like:

The new multi-touch and premium writing experiences, in conjunction with palm rejection technology, enable students to write directly on screen. The textured touch screen, special stylus and handwriting recognition software create a “write on paper” experience. The built-in camera, photo view, media player, and drawing applications allow students to create and consume multimedia learning content.

In addition to all these features it will come with LabCam and McAfee AntiVirus software. Basically it’s everything a child could need to enhance their learning experience in school! More details will be available on the Intel Learning Series website.

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