Lenovo K800 is an Intel Powered Android, the First of Many

It looks as though Intel and Motorola Mobility have begun what looks like a beautiful friendship with a multi-year and multi-device partnership starting with the Lenovo K800. It is a smartphone based on Intel technology while running on the Android platform. It will be available in the second quarter of this year in China. This partnership will also extend to include tablets. Included in the K800 is a 4.03 inch high resolution LCD screen, two advanced imaging cameras, and a so called “burst” mode that allows users to capture 15 pics in less than a second all with 8mp quality.

On the more specific side, it contains a low power Intel Atom processor Z2460 along with Intel Hyper Threading Tech, HSPA+ support with Intel XMM 6260 Platform, and Lenovo LeOS user interface. This interface is for use in China. For pictures see Gizmodo.

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