Hands On with Playstation PSVita

It looks like a new PSP, but it’s so much more! Sony’s brand new Playstation PS Vita is an amazing new gaming device and then some. It features two joy sticks, a beautiful 5″ OLED multitouch display, a front and rear camera, and almost the entire back of the device is a touchscreen too! It has features similar to today’s most capable smart phones, which really takes gaming and usability to new levels.

The new PS Vita is sized and shaped very similarly to the PSP. It’s powered by a quad-core ARM processor. If you’re still not impressed by these tech specs then we should mention it even features AT&T 3G connectivity, WiFi, Bluetooth, 6-axis motion sensing, and a compass too.



The PS Vita did away with the spinning discs that were used by PSP; now it plays memory card games, or downloadable games. Eventually there will be a conversion system so you can play all of the PSP games you purchased. Between the two joysticks, gyro, and front and rear touchscreen, games can really get creative with how they want you to control gameplay.

As mentioned, the PS Vita is so much more than just a gaming system. It can play videos, browse the web, download apps, and even access Sony’s Music Unlimited service. The Sony Playstation PS Vita will be available in the US on February 22nd, 2012 and will retail for $249. For more information check out the PS Vita website.

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