It’s Always T-Shirt Time with Swag of the Month

Not all men are big on shopping. As a man, I have to ask, can you really blame us? The beauty of the internet is that now we can have clothes delivered at low cost. Swag Of The Month is capitalizing on this fundamental beauty by offering a no-contract monthly service where men pay just $9 for a T-Shirt tailored to their liking. For just $9 with free shipping, Swag of the Month delivers a brand name shirt which complements your style.

When you sign up for Swag of the Month, you answer a series of question to determine your “swag”. The questions aren’t just specific to your clothing taste, but extends to questions like which celebrity has a similar personality and which concert would you go to. You can even choose how open you are to trying new styles and you can leave special instructions and preferences.

The beautiful thing about Swag of the Month is that there are no obligations. You can partake in however number of months you choose. Or with a $99 yearly subscription, you can save even more money. For $9, you really can’t go wrong. Stylish T-Shirts generally come at a price, especially for brand names. Swag of the Month seems to be aware that some may decide to go all-out with this deal, and they offer pricing options for up to 10 shirts per month. For more information see SwagOfTheMonth.com. T-Shirt time will never be the same again.

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