TourWrist iPhone App Gives Free 360 Tours of Whatever

Last night we met TourWrist, a newly created startup that specializes in the aggregation of panoramic photographic tours. Turn your iPad or iPhone into a window of someone else’s life; look up, look down, turn around, and see it all. See through the eyes of someone in the middle of Times Square, New York on New Years Eve.

Tour Wrist is a free iOS app and offers one of the most fantastic interactive virtual tours you’ll ever take. It features some of the most beautiful photography ever taken, and from areas all around the world. There are tens of thousands of tours to check out and they range from various points of interest, real estate, hotels and resorts, dining, retail, vehicles and more.

For us, Tour Wrist is just a really fun iOS app to play around with. There is an endless amounts of tours you can have fun with and impress your friends with. But, it can also be an extremely beneficial and useful application for traveling and/or researching a variety of destinations, residencies, automobiles, and/or products. The TourWrist app is largely location based and incorporates a map for searching different tours.

It’s worth the low cost of FREE to download it and play around! For more information see TourWrist.com. Tour Wrist offers information on how to record your own interactive virtual tours. If you’re looking for an iPhone app to do so, we recommend 360 Panorama.

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