Aracataca Magic Pencils and Crayons are for Giants

Today at Toy Fair we saw a gigantic, non-functional, Magic Crayon…and we fell in love. Aracataca, a Columbian design company, produces a few different oversized writing instrument thats sole purpose is to look awesome and create the illusion that it’s going right through a large item like a toaster, filing cabinet, or table. The products are essentially works of art – ornamental objects which seriously pop in the right setting.

Each large writing instrument, which doesn’t actually write, is a two part magnet. There is a few ways you can use the magnets to make the device appear to be going through all sorts of objects. Each half will stick to anything metal — any metal object with a 90 degree corner is prime real-estate. You can put one half of the instrument on the top and the other half on the side. If it’s not metal, Aracataca offers a metal sticker that allows you to use each magnet anywhere. The magnets are strong enough that they can still attract each other on something not too thick. A pane of glass is a perfect for this. You can have the pencil go right through your coffee table — seemingly.

Aracataca has five magic items: the Crayon, the Shortie (sharpie), the Pointy (felt-top marker), the Pencil, and the Autopen. Each model comes in five different colors. All of the items are just under a foot long, but they can appear to be a lot longer depending on where you place them. They’re made out of wood and use non toxic paints.

These Aracataca magic writing instruments are really cool looking in person. It’s art, so there’s no real point other than to look nice. Unfortunately there is no word on pricing or availability. Your best bet would be going to Aracataca.com.co and emailing them with your demand for magic writing instruments to spruce up your home or office!

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