Boo, the World’s Cutest Dog Becomes the World’s Cutest Plush Doll

If you don’t know who Boo is, then you probably live under a rock. Boo is the adorable Pomeranian with 2.8 million Facebook fans, YouTube videos, and whole websites devoted to this adorable little pup. People’s cheeks wince in pain from how much of a smile Boo has brought to people young and old and men and women alike.  So how appropriate that the dog, that already looks like a toy, is getting one in its likeness.

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The GUND version of Boo means everyone will be able to take home this little guy. You’ll be able to cuddle Boo and give him kisses like you have always dreamed of. The plush version of Boo won’t run after toys but you can still dress him up. Boo can also be posed to either sit or stand. For those looking for a holiday present, there will also be a Boo with stocking launching from GUND during the holidays.

Boo will invade stores and most definitely your home in April and will retail for $20. Here comes the plush Boo YouTube videos.



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