Chomp Gets Chomped Up By the Increasingly Hungry Apple

In the past, Apple was known in some circles for its relatively low rate of acquisitions. It sure seems like that’s changing now. The seemingly insatiable Apple has gobbled up yet another tech startup. This time, it’s Chomp, a company responsible for creating more effective searches for app stores.

It’s no secret that Apple’s own search capabilities on the iTunes App Store are lacking, so the acquisition isn’t a huge shock. As it was when Apple purchased the LaLa Music Store, it’s likely that Chomp as it is now will cease to exist, with Apple integrating its technology and employees into their growing Frankenstein’s monster of a corporation. One source has indicated that the purchase price was a handsome $50 million. And, considering the landscape of the tech world today, it wouldn’t come as a surprise if there were a few patents laying around Chomp’s offices that looked particularly delicious to Apple, too.