SOUL By Ludacris Claims it Has More Soul Than SOL REPUBLIC

Word is out now that Signeo, makers of the SOUL by Ludacris headphones, filed litigation in December of last year claiming that Sol Republic’s headphones are guilty of copyright infringement. Why? Stolen technology? No, this latest riveting piece of courtroom drama deals with the names of the two companies’ products, which Signeo claims are a little too close for comfort.

In fact, Signeo has gone far enough to claim that Sol Republic was named specifically to disrupt sales of SOUL by Ludacris, and is demanding an injunction on the sales of Sol Republic headphones. Signeo, apparently unaware that consumers have brains and tend to use them, claim that confusion is being created. Well-meaning consumers who just want to cop Ludacris’ lusty headphones are being wickedly deceived into buying a crafty imitation. Those poor souls.

In Sol Republic’s response, which could be called testy, the company rails against Signeo’s claims and takes aim at the corporation itself, succinctly stating,

We don’t like the practices of Signeo, which licensed Ludacris’s name, nor of its President Bob Bonefant.
We don’t like their attempt to intimidate our company and the really great people in it.
We don’t like their army of lawyers from multiple law firms who are trying to get a judge to shut us down.

Of course, there’s also the key point raised by Sol Republic near the end – that both companies have been awarded separate trademarks by the United States Trademark Office – which makes the claim of copyright infringement a little bit harder of a sell for Signeo.

We’ll keep an eye on how this legal battle goes, so stay tuned for updates. Or don’t, if the courtroom scene isn’t your thing. At this point, I wouldn’t blame you.

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