Songify App Gets Turned into a Toy Mic – Cover Your Ears!

Prepare for an unnecessary amount of auto-tune in your life – Songify is now available in toy form. In case you’re not familiar with Songify, think back to 2010. If you were using the Internet in any capacity that year, you at least heard about the Bed Intruder Song. The Auto-Tune the News guys behind that now-immortal YouTube video released an app – Songify – that automatically does what they do: take ordinary speech and turn it into a songified, auto-tuned track. Sometimes, those tracks turn out to be like the Bed Intruder Song. Sometimes, they don’t. Best of luck if you find yourself experiencing the latter more than the former.

The Songify toy is a mic and speaker that functions in the same way as the app, for the smartphoneless. It will retail for about $20. Hopefully, you’ll get some comedic gems out of it. If not, well, hide your kids and hide your wife.


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