Spinner 360º Motorizer Spins Your Camera Right Round Like a Record Baby

If you look past the unsettling resemblance to Sauron in the picture above, you might find that the Lomography Spinner 360º Motorizer is a pretty useful tool. If you’re interested in taking panoramic shots, you probably already know that pulling off a good series of photos to stitch together later is a little tricky to do by hand. If you don’t have the steady hand to pull it off, you can let the Spinner 360º Motorizer take over. Once your camera is affixed to the device, you’ll get even turns automatically that allow for simple 360º panoramic photos without needing to worry about lining up each successive shot.

The Spinner 360º Motorizer is an awfully expensive buy at about $220, though. If you’re in the market for other Lomography accessories, there are some bundles available that will make things a little more affordable.

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