The Xappr Gun Turns Your Smartphone into a First Person Shooter

Remember how awesome laser tag was when you were a kid? Not that it isn’t awesome now, but sometimes it feels weird going back to the old laser tag arena filled with kid versions of you. So, what’s the solution? Paintball? Not for the pain-intolerant. So, what’s a trigger-happy guy or gal to do? Pretty soon, they can grab the Xappr or Micro-Xappr Gun.

Both guns connect to a smartphone, which, through an app, turns the whole apparatus into an augmented-reality shooting adventure. In some ways, it’s even better than laser tag or paintball – get a few friends who have a Xappr Gun together, and literally any place can become your battleground. This spring, ATK will be released, which will enable player-to-player combat, throwing guns, rifles, grenade launchers, and pulse weapons into the mix. True to the FPS genre, multiplayer will include deathmatch, team mode, and last man standing.

Single player games are also set to go, including alien invasions, zombie hordes, and plenty of other FPS staple enemies. The Xappr Guns will be available this spring, and will be put on display at the international toy fair in Nuremberg, Germany this week. Those interested can pre-order the Xappr Gun here for $45 (includes shipping and handling). The guns are compatible with iPhone, Android, and Windows Phone operating systems.