Ematic eSport Clip is the Cheapest 4GB MP3 Player Ever!

Who knows, there might be cheaper somewhere out there, but it would be hard to beat the Ematic eSport Clip – a 4 GB mp3 player selling for $29. For someone who just wants a simple device that plays music, this offering stacks up pretty well.

The impressive part is that the eSport actually manages to tuck in a few bonus features and retain that low price point. There is a 5 MP camera on-board, and the 1.8” display allows for video playback. An audio and video recorder is also included in the device. There’s also eBook and .txt file support, but I can’t imagine that eBook reading would be very enjoyable on a 1.8” screen. Nor would video watching, for that matter, but if the device is going to be that cheap anyway, might as well take the extra features.

True to its name, the eSport Clip has a clip that can attach to clothes, making it ideal for, well, people playing sports. All things considered, not a bad haul for $29, especially if you just want to listen to music on a device, without all the frills that a smartphone or iPod Touch brings.

The Ematic eSport is selling from Walmart for $29.

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