NuForce NE-770X Earphones Review

The NuForce NE-770X are affordable in-ear headphones with a lightweight design and a nifty-looking appearance. They use non-metallic drivers and have a polycarbonate body. I imagine them as the ear buds Magneto would have had in X-Men 2 when he was in a non-metal solitary confinement!


The NuForce NE-770X headphones are almost completely non-metal. From an outside perspective, they appear to be entirely plastic and rubber, aside from the 3.5mm metal straight plug. The ear buds are translucent with a crystal shaped back. The cable is of average thickness; it’s a bit rigid which helps with tangling, though it can still tangle. There’s no built-in microphone or control for integration with your smartphone.

The NE-770X’s come with 3 pairs of single flange ear-tips (2 small, 2 medium, 2 large). The lightweight design helps make for a comfortable fit. It also comes with a carrying pouch.

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While the NuForce NE-770X headphones are almost entirely plastic, they don’t have the cheap negative connotation associated with the term “plasticky”.  They seem like they’ll hold up pretty well. The carrying pouch definitely helps, but it does dirty pretty quickly.


The NE-770Xs use non-metallic drivers to produce a more natural sound. They use 8-mm high-performance neodymium drivers. The polycarbonate body is lightweight, but it’s also supposed to be “acoustically inert,” meaning the body will not have an adverse affect on the audio quality.


I wasn’t blown away by the NE-770X’s audio quality. I’d say they are just pretty good in this department. The bass is very much present, and not overwhelming-one of the NE-770X’s best qualities. The mids are smooth, but I found them to be a bit flat. The mids could also benefit from some more detail. The highs are pretty precise and responsive, but they don’t stand out as much as they should.


While the NE-770Xs don’t have mind-blowing audio quality, they still offer a pretty pleasant listening experience. The cool design, comfort, and durability are good selling points. They are currently available with color options Ice (pictured), Carbon, or Sky(blue) from Amazon.com for $49.00. For this price, they wouldn’t disappoint, though you can probably find a pair of headphones with comparable (or better) audio quality that includes a ControlTalk button with Mic. A perfect example is the Philips Underground In-Ear Headphones, check out our review.

The Good: Cool Design, Comfortable, Light, Included Carrying Case, Affordable, Good Bass
The Bad: Subpar Mids and Highs, No Control-Talk Button/Mic, Carrying Case Dirties Quickly

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