ID America Spark In-Ear Headphone Review

The Spark Aluminum Earbuds, by ID America, have a unique design inspired by the automotive spark plug. These high definition in-ear headphones feature a lightweight design, two layers of aluminum casing, 8mm drivers, and an in-line ControlTalk button with microphone, compatible with iPhone, iPad, and most smartphones.

The spark plug inspired design is really awesome looking and not just for grease monkeys. The design is two-tone, with each color crafted from a separate piece of aluminum. The earplugs each have alternating colors. On our ‘rose pink’ model, the right earbud has a pink outer shell and silver inner shell whereas the left earbud is reversed with silver outer and pink inner. This is a nice design aspect as it helps distinguish right and left buds.

The cable is of average thickness. It’s a bit stiff which helps prevent some tangling, but it’s not tangle-resistant. There’s an inline ControlTalk about six inches below the left earbud. The inline ControlTalk remote has one button and a microphone. The single button controls music, calls, and voice activation (like Siri).

The unique Spark design is crafted out of aluminum, which keeps the headphones ultra light– just 13 grams. This makes for a more comfortable fit that stays in your ears. They include small, medium, and large single flange silicone ear tips. It also comes with an interesting leather carrying case. The case is cylindrical. It’s a neat design that houses the headphones well, but it’s not the most pocket-friendly case we’ve used.

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The Sparks happened to be very comfortable. Their lightweight design plays its part. The audio quality overall is pretty great. The bass is perfect for all types of music; it’s deep, noticeable, and has a natural sounding resonance. It doesn’t overshadow the music. The mids are clear and pretty balanced. The highs are nice and crisp. The ControlTalk button and mic both worked perfectly. Callers heard me just as well as on Apple’s headphone’s with mic. The button works just
as well too however it doesn’t have volume buttons.

The Sparks are certainly a huge upgrade from the headphones that were included with your smartphone. They retail for $59.95, but you can get it for a bit less than half that on Amazon. Pricing in under $30, they’re a pretty great buy. They sound like $60 headphones and sport a seriously cool design with an awesome variety of colors. They also feature an inline ControlTalk button with mic and a carrying case. The Spark In-Ear Headphones by ID America is currently available in gray type-R, camel grey, aluminum silver, cherry green, rose pink, rally blue, jet black, champagne gold, and royal purple.

The Good: Cool Design, Lots of Color Options, Built-In ControlTalk button with Mic, Included Carrying Case, Comfortable, Light, Sound Good, Great Price

The Bad: Tangles, Included Case Isn’t Pocket-Friendly


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