Toshiba Mini NB510 Netbook Hits the UK in Q2 2012

Toshiba’s colorful line of netbooks will soon get a shot in the arm in the UK, with the upcoming release of the Mini NB510. The new line of netbooks run on the latest Intel Atom N2600 dual-core processor, with 1 GB of DDR3 RAM. The battery life is promised to be about 9-10 hours.

Portable HD entertainment seems to be the focus of the new netbooks, as the Mini NB510s will feature a 10.1” TruBrite LED backlit display. There will be ports for A/V cables, too, so you can hook up video game consoles or other media boxes and use the netbook as a small, portable monitor. An HDMI port makes HD output to larger screens possible.

To round out the specs, there are 3 USB 2.0 ports on board, with USB 3.0 as an optional feature. The netbook comes with up to a 360 GB HDD. The Mini NB510 will run Windows 7 Starter Edition. The whole package will weigh 1.32 kg, being 13.6 mm thick at the front and 34.7 mm thick at the back. The Toshiba Mini NB510 will be available in blue, black, and red. Pricing is unknown as of now.

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