Bono Needs a Lot of Storage for the U2 Music Catalog, Invests in Dropbox

With as long as they’ve been around, there’s no doubt that that discography is going to take up more than the allotted free storage space. Bono and bandmate the Edge have both poured money into Dropbox, the provider of cloud storage for millions of people worldwide. The contributions from the rockers bring the amount of investment dollars that Dropbox has reeled in to a whopping $250 million.

Dropbox is seen by many as a vital player in the cloud storage sphere, since it eschewed a buyout offer from Apple to remain independent. For many who want top-notch storage without having to hem themselves into the walled gardens of Google, Apple, Amazon, or their ilk, Dropbox is the first and last stop.

Having Bono on your side can’t hurt, either. After all, who knows how that initial iPod ad campaign would have gone without the catchy “Vertigo” driving those silhouetted people rocking out with their newfangled mp3 players? Dropbox is hoping his dollars can work the same kind of magic for their outfit – having $250 million to spend makes that prospect look promising.

Via Bloomberg Business Week