ColorWare Takes on Skullcandy’s NBA Mix Master Headphones

It appears ColorWare has expanded their coloring skills to include Skullcandy’s Mix Master headphones. Skullcandy’s Mix Master’s are a top tier collection of headphones that are used as the foundation of the NBA Mix Master and now ColorWare wants you to have a little fun with customizing them. You can choose to customize the original Mix Master or the NBA Mix Master. Every NBA team is available and ColorWare allows you the ability to mix and match team colors with your own unique style.

That means you can add or remove team colors on every part of the headphones. From the headband to the skulls, every part of the NBA Mix Master can be customized to show off your love of your favorite team. Unfortunately, the NBA Mix Masters cost as much as a pair of court side tickets because one pair retails for $500. If you opt for just customizing the Mix Masters sans NBA, that will set you back $400. So perhaps a nice team hat or t-shirt will have to suffice?

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