Fitbit Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scale Finally Goes on Sale

The bathroom scale just got the smart treatment thanks to the Fitbit Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scale.

You won’t get much out of the Aria unless you already have a Fitbit account that tracks your health stats and fitness plans. If you do have one, the Aria will upload weight, BMI (Body Mass Index) and % body fat to your Fitbit account using a Wi-Fi connection.

Sharing settings are set to private by default, so if you want, your fitness stats will only be known to you. You’re free to share that information with your family, or with everyone, if you wish. The Aria also can recognize multiple users (up to 8) by their weight, with the proper stats sent to their individual Fitbit accounts.

On your Fitbit account, data from the Aria can be converted into charts or graphs to help you visualize your progress. That should help many to make concrete plans and goals on their Fitbit account. After that, they can browse around for people in the area with similar goals or plans to create a community and strengthen motivation.

The latest fitness device from Fitbit, the Aria is finally available, and is selling for about $130. It’s available now in black and white at Best Buy and Brookstone retail stores.

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