iPad App of the Week: Kaptur Captures Photos and Videos From One Event, Combines Them Into One Album

Kaptur has released their app for iOS, which, like the browser tool, works to comb through your and your friends’ Facebook accounts to aggregate all photos and videos from an event into one single album that you and others can view and share.

Kaptur works quickly and efficiently, though the developers are understandably mum on how, exactly, the process works (most likely something to do with common tags and locations across photos). On the browser tool, as on the app, users select what type of event took place, then connect to their Facebook account and select a relevant album, or enter the date of the event. Kaptur does all the work from there. After the album is created, new photos can be added manually, including suggested photos that Kaptur probably wasn’t quite confident enough about to attribute to your event initially. Users can also choose to invite others to contribute to the album before finalizing it.

Users can assign an album cover and view their album as a slideshow set to music. A few changes can be made to the album layout, including dominant axis and amount of pictures on one page, which makes the album ready to be shared over social networks. Alternately, the albums can be shared using a personalized URL. Kaptur users can also choose to order a printed photo book from Kaptur for $40. Custom greeting cards can also be made from individual pictures in an album.

Kaptur is available now for the iPhone and iPad on the iTunes App Store for free.

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