LEGO Super Heroes The Batcave is Nothing Short of Awesome – Review

What better way to prep yourself for the soon to be blockbuster Dark Knight Rises, than with an equally impressive Batman themed LEGO playset. LEGO Super Heroes The Batcave is indeed an impressive feat for fans who love LEGO, as well as Batman. The set not only includes an intricate set of 6860 bricks, but also minifigs characters for Batman, Bane, Poison Ivy, Robin, and Bruce Wayne. But besides for building the Batcave, also included are Bane’s spinning drill that needs to be built, and Batman’s batcycle.

The set includes detailed stickers for the Batcave. It also appears that LEGO is getting in the magic business with the ability to transform Bruce Wayne into Batman. Well it’s not exactly magic, but it is a neat trick that is built into the LEGO set that involves the elevator portion of the set. But besides for detailed stickers and plenty of blocks to put together, there are subtleties that can be found throughout the the set. For instance, there are batarangs, the minifigs sport material capes – not plastic ones, there is a hanging bat inside the Batcave, and of course the Batman sign.  These are just a few of the nice touches LEGO included in the LEGO Batcave set.

In its entirety the set took about three and half hours to put together for two adults. The playset is actually larger in scale because of all the components that accompany it. There is Bane’s spinning drill which actually spins when you move it. There is also the batcycle, and there are three parts to the Batcave that need to be snapped together carefully when completed. In the end you have a little piece of Gotham heaven in front of you.

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In comparison to the Queen Anne’s Revenge we reviewed last year; this set includes MANY more smaller pieces and they weren’t at times very easily located. I found myself rustling through many little bags picking pieces from one bag or another, this due in part because bags were inside bags with even smaller pieces. Also, the elevator trick that transforms Bruce to Batman is cool in theory, but actually didn’t work very smoothly when put in motion.

All in all LEGO Super Heroes The Batcave is a great set and will certainly entertain those young and old.  The incredible detail of the minifigs and set will give any diehard Batman fan the chills and any LEGO aficionado one more piece to add to their ever expanding collection. The LEGO Batcave retails for $69.99, but can be found for as low as $57 on Amazon.

The Good: The mix of building vehicles and structures is a nice treat. Detailing is incredible yet cheeky at the same time. Will keep you occupied for a good few hours and is a great conversation piece. HELLO?! Bane!

The Bad: The Bruce to Batman elevator is a bit flaky.

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