Nissan’s New In-Car Infotainment System to Be Powered By Intel

When Nissan rolls out their new line of cars in 2013, many will be coming with mobile device-friendly infotainment systems similar to those being seen in many other brands of cars in production now. Nissan’s version will be powered by Intel, as was announced today at the New York International Auto Show.

The system, powered by an Intel Atom processor, will have two displays. From the sounds of it, those two displays will provide different content for the driver and the passenger. The driver can receive navigation and traffic information, while entertainment options are streamed to the passenger.

The announcement was light on hard details, but it sounds like NFC pairing of smartphone and car will be a feature, as well as cloud-based services and vehicle video surveillance. That NFC bit could allow drivers to use their NFC-equipped smartphones as keys for vehicle entry, while the surveillance system will be able to notify users via smartphone if their car has been struck in the parking lot, so when your fancy new Nissan gets keyed, you’ll know the second it happens.

As we approach next year, we can expect more information from both camps about the new tech. For now, the new infotainment system is being shown off in the Nissan Infiniti LE, a zero-emissions concept car on display at the New York International Auto Show.