Striiv’s Smart Pedometer Gets Updated with New Features

When Striiv hits Best Buy stores next week, it’ll come with maybe the most comprehensive social fitness program we’ve seen yet out of the spate of mobile fitness devices that have been hitting the market.

In terms of recording statistics, Striiv doesn’t stray too far from being a basic pedometer – you’ll get steps, distance, calories, stairs, and minutes of activity. The big attraction of Striiv is its social networking features. With Striiv Connected, users can link up their Striiv devices and bet things like household chores over who can reach certain milestones the fastest. Whole families can link up their Striiv devices and earn trophies and points for beating family averages and the like, providing additional motivation.

Those social features aren’t too unlike anything we’ve seen before, but Striiv ups the ante with Myland, a game where Striiv owners can spend those earned energy points. The Striiv people describe it as “Farmville-like.” If the addiction factor is indeed the same, it could be the first time we’ve seen a healthy gaming addiction.

Striiv is also smart. The device will create gradually tougher fitness challenges (usually involving the number of steps taken or stairs climbed) according to individual performance. Striiv will progressively understand the user’s need the more the individual uses it.

Striiv will be available in Best Buy stores next week for the price of about $100. You can check out more details about the device’s new features below.

  • Ready, Set, Race! – Step or stair-based competitions let people bet energy or real life prizes. Once the stakes are established, users connect devices, choose to walk together or separately, and Striiv keeps track of who reaches the finish line first. New Striiv characters (AKA Waddles, Sir Bacon or Walkatron), also provide opponents, and as in life, raise the stakes and win more! More difficult opponents and longer races, the more energy can be won!
  • Social Milestones – Beating friends’ or family members’ stats (like daily average or personal record for steps, stairs or minutes of activity) earns people bonus points and a trophy for that day. Social milestones are part of Striiv’s positive reinforcement focused Motivation System.
  • Myland Expansion Pack –Myland, the addictive, Farmville-like, energy-based game launched with Striiv, adds new characters, plants, and structures. People can also spend energy points on Mystery Boxes, treasure boxes that contain exciting (or not so exciting) prizes.
  • More Reasons to Sync – Each time Striiv is connected to a computer, the latest activity information is stored, and people win a free Mystery Box to use in Myland! Syncing lets people record steps, stairs, calories burned and donations made, so they can keep track of progress.




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