Chinese Government Approves Google’s Purchase of Motorola

One of the last major hurdles preventing Google’s purchase of Motorola has been removed, as authorities in China have given the green light to the deal, which could close potentially as soon as this week. The deal, worth an estimated $12.5 billion, comes with one condition – the Android operating system must remain free to use for at least another five years.

The all-important patent haul for Google will top 17,000, which makes me wonder how big these companies’ legal teams must be to actually keep track of all of these patents. In addition, Google will be able, if it chooses, to start producing branded devices to compete more directly with Apple, which could be an awesome thing or a horrible thing for consumers, depending on how it all plays out.

Whichever one comes to pass, one thing is for sure – once this deal goes down, the smartphone arms race should get a whole lot more interesting. Keep an eye out for Google smartphones and tablets in the near future.


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