ColorWare Colored Sennheiser Mics Are for Wannabe Divas

ColorWare, also known as the Xzibit of the tech world, is giving Sennheiser microphones a little more flair for a little more cash. Budding divas who just need something different, no matter the price, can get customized, color-splashed versions of the E935 Wired Mic or the Wireless Vocal Set, the latter of which includes a microphone and a receiver (which can also be customized with its own color scheme).

Being fabulous doesn’t come cheap, though – you’ll need to shell out $350 for a colorized E395. If you can’t have wires holding back the diva inside, you’ll need to plunk down $750 for the Wireless Vocal Set. But then again, with stardom just around the corner, what’s a few hundred dollars anyway?

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