Empire State Building Gets Several Million Dollar LED Makeover

The Empire State Building has always been known to have a colorful flair. The lights that are lit up on the building often depict known holidays, or sometimes even unknown ones, to sightseers and New Yorkers. Yet sometimes simplicity is best and the iconic white lights are truly what make the Empire State Building stand out in New York’s towering skyline. With that said, the building is never one to be overshadowed, even if there is some other skyscraper called the Freedom Tower finishing up completion in lower Manhattan.

But regardless of this new competition, The Empire State Building plans to continue to rule the Big Apple’s night sky, and once installation of its new light system is in place, this new light sensation will cast ripples, rainbows and other unique special lighting effects into the night sky. Currently the building houses 400 regular bulbs. But the new lighting system will feature 68,000 LED lights which will be more energy efficient than its current lighting set up. This new system also happens to use the same lights that decorate the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree each year. All in all, this latest upgrade only keeps in line with the Empire State Building being a LEED Gold  certified building. So even though soon, it may not be the tallest skyscraper in the city anymore, it is still tall in being energy efficient.


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