V-Moda Faders VIP Could Save Your Hearing

You’d be forgiven for thinking the V-Moda Faders VIP are a hot new set of earphones – they certainly have the look. But, these earbuds aren’t for listening to music – they’re for turning it down. The Faders are a pair of earplugs that manage to reimagine what a pair of earplugs can be.

The Faders, when pressed firmly into the ear, decrease noise levels to 12 dB. You’ll still be able to hear anything going on around you, whether it be speech or music, just at a guaranteed safe volume. The cord on the Faders is only for storage and for wearing them around your neck when they aren’t in use. The cord is removable, if you find it gets in the way.

The Faders come in red, pink, or black, and come with four different sizes of silicone tips to fit all ears. The best news of all is that they’re finally on sale, selling for $20 on Amazon and V-Moda.com. In case you need a little more of a push toward the safety that earplugs grants, you can take a look at the handy chart V-Moda has devised below.

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