The Modern Record Console Pays Homage To the LP

Past meets present in Symbol Audio’s Modern Record Console, and doesn’t look too bad doing it. Fortunately, it should sound as good as it looks.

The Modern Record Console supplies the past in the form of a hand-built tube amplifier and turntable, capable of reviving those old vinyl records you have stashed away. The turntable is housed in a cabinet made of walnut, with a natural finish, to give the console a vintage feel to it.

The speakers, though, are anything but antiquated. The console includes two 6.5” full-range speakers, along with an amplifier and subwoofer designed to extend low frequencies, which should make for top-notch sound quality. And, if you tire of your vinyl, the speakers have Wi-Fi functionality, so you can stream digital files from your electronic devices directly to the Modern Record Console.

The Modern Record Console’s speakers come in three different colors – glacier white, slate grey, and jet black. Contact Symbol Audio for pricing and availability, although, considering the style and substance packed into this thing, I’m not guessing it’s going to come cheap.

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  1. Record players are actually getting tough to find- it used to be they were everywhere, and then in 2nd hand shops. There is nothing quite like putting an LP on and listening to it- although getting scratches is a drawback! Very interesting post, and glad to see them making a comeback!

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