You’ll Need A Lot of Money For This One-Of-A-Kind MUNNY

For those uninitiated, Munny dolls are made by toy company Kid Robot, and are designed to encourage creativity – they’re blank dolls with movable limbs, that can be painted or drawn on to create a piece of art.

That’s exactly what artist Marka27 has done with his One-of-a-Kind Munny being sold now on Urban Outfitters’ website. Marka27’s vinyl Munny is a warrior figure with an urban flair. He might have that urban flair, but he still looks like he just stepped out of a lost Central American civilization, especially with that headdress.

This Munny is definitely a product of our times, though – he also comes with a built-in speaker for mobile devices, along with volume control knobs on the figure’s back.

This Munny also commands a lot of money – $350, to be exact. From what the product description seems to suggest, this really is one-of-a-kind – only one of these figurines is for sale. This particular Munny is one of three that different artists have donated to Urban Outfitters, meaning all the cash from the sale price of all three will go to an unspecified charity.