Samsung to Open Up Retail Store in Canada – Eh!

Samsung’s been on a tear during the past few years, quickly becoming one of the most prominent consumer technology corporations in the world. Now, they’re hungering for new markets, and Canada is one of them. The Metropolis in Metrotown in Burnaby, British Columbia will soon see the first Samsung retail store in Canada, slated to open sometime this summer.

That’s not to say that Samsung is doing badly up north – a February report from The Globe and Mail put Samsung’s Canadian market share at a respectable 11 percent. With Apple holding 31.2 percent and Research in Motion still holding down its home country with 32.6 percent, Samsung sees plenty of room for improvement.

The announcement comes over five months after the Samsung Experience in the Time Warner Center in New York City shut down. The Samsung Experience, a “store” that showcased the newest Samsung products and demo devices, wasn’t actually a retail store, though customers could place online orders from within the store. That’s the closest the United States has come to getting a Samsung retail store, and probably the closest it will come. A December report from TWICE suggested that Samsung was more than willing to bid farewell to the Samsung Experience in New York City.

Why shut it down? According to the report, Samsung was comfortable enough with its strong and rising market share in the United States – essentially, the promotional value was no longer worth the cost to maintain it. That says a lot about how far Samsung has come in the last few years. You know a corporation means business when it starts feeling like it could do just fine with less advertising.


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