Apple Gets a Genius Idea to Increase Workers Pay

Apparently, complaints from Apple Store employees that they couldn’t afford the gadgets they were selling resonated with the head of Apple’s retail chain, John Browett. Following performance reviews that were conducted earlier than usual for the company this year, some Apple Store employees will be receiving pay raises. A lucky few will even receives pay raises as large as 25% – maybe just enough to grab one of those toys they always get to work around.

If the pay increases don’t do the trick, the new employee discounts will. Apple Store employees will finally get to buy Apple products at a lower price, and they’ll be enjoying a pretty healthy discount, too – $500 off of a Mac computer or $250 off of an iPad. The implication that to this point, Apple employees have not received discounts of any kind, if true, would be a little disappointing. Seems like those are standard practice around most places.

Cory Moll, an Apple employee in San Francisco who has been leading a movement to unionize United States Apple employees, released much of the information, and has stated that he is receiving a 19 percent raise to $17.31.

Considering that Apple retail stores pulled in $4.4 billion in only the last quarter, I’d say the front line workers have more than earned a bigger piece of the pie. It’s nice to see the Apple company culture become a little more giving as of late.


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  1. In the UK some Apple Genius’ do get discounts on stock- normally zero VAT, so that would be about 15-18% of merchandise.

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