iPad App of the Week: Make Really Fancy Lists With Bento 4

Bento 4 is a little more useful than that, though. The app includes 25 templates for both lists and the detailed pages that are generated for each item in the list. Using the app, you can plan multiple events, store all the details you need to know about those events, then put all those events in one easy-to-navigate list. Should you need to make calculations (e.g. if you’re planning budgets using the app), there is a tool that allows you to add formulas that give you sums and averages of lists of numbers.

You can also put lists within your lists (insert Xzibit joke here). For example, you can put a list of contacts involved with a certain event into that event page, then make that event part of your events list. Bento 4 keeps things highly organized, while keeping the interface clean and intuitive.

Unfortunately, Bento 4 cannot sync with iCal events. Users will only be able to sync with desktop Macs if both the iPad and the desktop are connected to the same Wi-Fi network – no cloud sync yet for Bento.

Bento 4 is available now on the iTunes App Store for $4.99 until July 31st, when the price will increase to $9.99.

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