A Bright Idea – Old Light Bulbs as Vases

Here’s a classic example of what I believe is known in some corners of the Internet as “upcycling.” The Conran Shop is selling the Geantbulb Edison vase, designed by Catherine Grandidier. I’ll admit that the “designed by” part confuses me a little bit, because I’m not sure how one goes about “designing” a hollowed-out used light bulb.

The Geantbulb Edison vases are made from old incandescent bulbs. Well, that’s pretty much all they are, actually. The only question is how they stand upright without tipping over – maybe that’s where the design part comes in, I don’t know. But, hey, if you can figure out that part of the puzzle, you can just start making these on your own without ponying up about $20.

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