iPhone App of the Week: Nymgo is an Even Cheaper VoIP Alternative

We know that you’re about up to your ears in VoIP apps, but Nymgo is still worth a mention, especially if Skype is your go-to app for international calling. Nymgo, much like Skype, works on a pay-as-you-go credit system. The difference is that, on the whole, Nymgo is cheaper.

Nymgo gives an example – 1.1c/min for a call to India, compared to 9.2c/min for the same call on Skype. After reviewing both price lists, it looks like that price is cherry-picked. Nymgo’s rates are almost always cheaper, but the difference usually isn’t that dramatic.

Another benefit of Nymgo is that you can tie phone numbers that you own to your Nymgo account, and choose which of those numbers you want to be displayed on the recipient’s caller ID, so they don’t ignore a call that’s coming from an unknown number.